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Department of Social and Health Services.

You can come to the office in person and submit documents*. Information about which of the migrants can apply for the insurance program, at the link

Documentation: I-9, submitted forms (I-821, I-765), birth certificate, confirmation of the address of residence (contract, confirmation) U4U/TPS documents (copies of receipt notices I-765. DSHS shares your information with the Washington State Health Care Authority, which is responsible for issuing free coverage from the state of Washington Washington Apple Health:

After receiving confirmation from Washington Apple Health, you choose the insurance company that will cover Washington Apple Health

Great resource in Ukrainian and English with steps to sign up for Washington Apple Health, Washington Healthplanfinder. Submission of documents online through the request for health insurance for your child WithinReach Family Health Helpline 1-800-322-2588,

Example of conditions from insurance companies (Please note that adults can purchase health insurance for a fee if Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) does not confirm free insurance. After getting health insurance, it is important to make an appointment with the clinic and doctor and provide information about vaccinations and / or what types of immunizations were done for the child. To do this, you provide the doctor with the original vaccination documentation from the country where the student came from with a mandatory translation into English. language. All information is entered by the medical institution into the Washington Immunization Information System database.

Please note that all situations are individual and there may be exceptions to the rules. A resource where you can choose a school or kindergarten, depending on the requirements and wishes:

Health Care Authority



Registration takes place online, in person or by phone. It is important to check the availability of places in an educational institution for children. If there are places, all the required forms for the selected educational institution are filled in English and handed over to the school or kindergarten employee.

How the registration process goes and its subtleties can be read at the link below.

Information about immunization

Providing a certificate of immunization to an educational institution

With this document, you confirm what vaccinations the child has, or attach a certificate of exemption from immunization.

In the United States, the vaccination document is the Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)

How to apply for a CIS?. Translate documents on vaccines into English.

List of vaccinations required for admission to school in the 2023/2024 academic year

Receive confirmation of successful registration and information about the schedule and internal rules of the educational institution.

Have you gone through all the steps? Congratulations! Immersion in the learning environment has begun. Good luck to adults and children.



If the child does not have any documentation of vaccinations, then at least the first dose in a catch-up series and subsequently completed data on a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) will be required, or a completed vaccination exemption certificate must be provided. For conditional admission to school or preschool, the child must be given all doses of vaccines prior to the start of the educational process. Conditional admission lasts 30 days, and during this period vaccination must be carried out, otherwise the child will not be able to start classes.

Students placed on the Catch-Up Vaccination Schedule must adhere to the schedule’s deadlines. In this case, the student has a conditional status of admission to school.